Communication and the Health Care Team (1A)

Communication and the Health Care Team (1A)

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Susan Devaney, EdD, RN, CNL, has been a Public Health Nurse and Nurse Educator for 40 years at private and public universities. She consults on national and state committees in developing both nursing education and public health standards.

Objectives Part 1
-Identify the basic principles of communication.
-Identify types of communication.
-Identify the influences of gender and culture on communication.
-Identify strategies for communicating with residents/patients and families.
-Identify strategies for communicating with peers and supervisors.
-Develop a personal plan for improving your communication skills.

Objectives Part 2
-Identify the role of the ANA Code of Ethics in nurse/patient/resident communication.

-Describe methods for maintaining patient confidentiality.

-Describe methods for maintaining professional boundaries.

1 Administrative hour BNHA approved course

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